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Our services

cosine is a Dutch company that develops and builds optical and in-situ measurement systems for space, air and ground use. Based in the Netherlands, our building houses cleanrooms, assembly, testing and production facilities.

Our knowledge

Our broad experience in different technological areas leads to innovative, out-of-the-box measurement solutions. The technologies we use span the field of applied physics, with extensive experience in spectroscopy, lasers, radiation and 3D imaging systems. We use our knowledge in physics, electronics and software to solve problems in an innovative way.



Space & Earth


We use our two decades of space heritage for applications in space and on Earth, ranging from asteroids to field and factory.

Join us

Does working with highly innovative technology and applications, in a friendly organization with intelligent people in an international setting appeal to you? We offer flexible working conditions and are always interested in open applications.

Try us

Interested in ideas for your measurement challenge? We can offer you the smartest innovative solution and the fastest road to a working solution. Give yourself the opportunity to pick the minds of our enthusiastic scientist-engineers and book an Ideation workshop starting from € 815.

HyperScout 2 in space: first hyperspectral-thermal camera with artificial intelligence

This morning at 03:51 CEST, a Vega launch vehicle carried two FSSCat nanosatellites into orbit, one of which houses the brand new HyperScout 2 instrument. This advanced remote sensing system has two unique aspects. Firstly, it…

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The hyperspectral future

While the human eye and an ordinary camera see just three colors, a hyperspectral camera sees hundreds. Hyperspectral imaging is an emerging field that offers numerous opportunities. What do these cameras ‘see’? What can be…

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