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Our expert team Inspection Systems is a system integrator of measurement solutions for use ‘on earth’. We combine our high-end knowledge of physics, engineering skills and space expertise with a down-to-earth approach. We work closely with leading hard- and software suppliers to develop an industrial and scalable product within a clear timeline.

Agri & Food

Our understanding of the current state-of-the-art physics in the world, often enables us to swiftly come up with solutions, that no one thought of so far. Next, our development process quickly enables us to assess these solutions and test the feasibility for the purpose.  If you are looking for a smart solution for a business wise obstructing issue, enter with us in an afternoon brainstorm and experience our technical creativity.


The health care world has been a field where all wheels start rotating once a patient feels sick. However we are in a transitional phase. Development like personalized medicine, the shift of focus to prevention and the rapid developments in the digital world are opening up a complete new domain of (real-time) measuring and monitoring physical parameters in different ways than we could imagine.

With our experience of remotely measuring in space and our high-end knowledge of physics and engineering, we are creating instruments that contribute to the transition we are in.


cosine contributes to environmental challenges by developing measurement solutions that either help understand and assess the situation or increase the use or effectiveness of durable energy sources.

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Marco Beijersbergen