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Optical Proximity Sensors for MASCOT lander
Measure the orientation of the lander, allowing to flip the lander from an unfavorable position on the surface
Athena square
Silicon Pore Optics mirror modules for ATHENA telescope
Advanced telescope for high-energy astrophysics
Stereoscopic HD video camera for ISS
Real-time 3D video streaming from the International Space Station
HyperScout Team
Miniaturized hyperspectral instrument for CubeSats
HyperScout including thermal imaging and artificial intelligence.
OPTIc3 Photo Finish Camera
Fast camera with frame rate of 30,000 lines/sec
Fungi detection on roses
Fungi detection on roses
Sort cut flowers according to the presence of fungi to determine their shelf-life
NightPod Andre Kuipers
Computerized tripod for night-time photography from the ISS
Airborne Hyperspectral Imager
Airborne hyperspectral imager combined with laser altimeter
Hyperspectral camera for forensics
Identify and date bloodstains at crime scene
Lidar altimeter
Vegetation height monitoring
tasty tomatoes
Tomato sorting by hyperspectral imaging
Inline sorting of tomatoes by cultivar, ripeness and taste
milkpowder quality check
Milkpowder quality check for brand protection
Measure the percentage of burnt particles and other contaminants in milk powder
Structural integrity monitoring of polymer pipes
Monitor integrity of thermoplastic composite pipes by measuring water leakages with embedded passive sensors and RFID readers
Rail inspection
Rail inspection multi camera system
Collect imagery of the surroundings of train tracks
Lineaire versneller
Laue lens for radiotherapy
A way to reflect hard X-rays and gamma rays into a targeted area of radiation
Fish freshness inspection with a spectral camera
Measuring the exact colour of the blood of fish, the freshness of the fish can be measured.
X-Ray Interferometer

The XRI is an X-Ray interferometer under development, capable of detecting angular differences as small as 1 millionth of  a arcsecond. This technology is based on the Silicon Pore Optics and is…

XRT High-Energy Optics Simulation

Quickly determine realistic system performances and features The high energy optics software simulates X and gamma-ray imaging systems based on grazing incidence scattering using the Monte Carlo technique. The software…

Stray light correction algorithms

Stray light is a big challenge for Earth observation space missions trying to measure the spectrum of Earth’s atmosphere. To counter this, the expert team at cosine has developed stray…

T-Scout for global temperature monitoring from space
Multi-spectral thermal infrared imager with high spatial resolution