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Facts & Figures

Client: ESA

Lead time: 12 months

TRL: 4

Method: Single photon counting ToF lidar

Mass: 10.6 kg

Power: 42 W

Size: 253 x 187 x 280 mm

Repetition rate: 10 kHz

Vertical resolution: 47 mm

Vertical accuracy: 120 mm

Full scale range: 48 m

Beams: 3

FOV: 11°

Wavelength: 532 nm

ALART is a time-of-flight lidar which uses a high repetition rate laser and a single-photon detector. The design of ALART has been optimized for vegetation height monitoring. Each detector used can individually detect the arrival time of 1024 photons per shot with a resolution of 312 picoseconds and zero dead time, providing a high resolution vertical density profile of the canopy. This unique design is also well suited to bathymetry applications.

A followup study with ESA is currently ongoing in order to develop a next generation instrument with multispectral lidar (VIS + NIR) and continuous scanning of the swath in the across-track direction. Multispectral lidar is an exciting technology that can enable land type identification and the calculation of vertically resolved vegetation indices directly from the lidar dataset.

Lidar Measurement
Lidar Measurement
ALART For Vegetation Hight Monitoring

Main technologies used

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