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Facts & Figures

TRL: 9

Spectral range: 450-900 nm

Spectral resolution: 12 nm

Spatial resolution: 2080 x 2080 px

FOV: 10 deg

Altimeter working wavelength: 532 nm

Altimeter vertical resolution: 100 mm

Size (L x W x H): 230 x 120 x 210 mm

Mass: 2.8 kg

Power consumption:  18 W

Delivery time: 6 months

This Airborne Hyperspectral Imager (IRIS) combines a VNIR hyperspectral camera with a low-power consumption photon-counting laser altimeter. The two instruments share the same optical path, leading to a small, lightweight, multi-functional instrument for manned and unmanned airborne platforms.

IRIS can be used for applications such as:

  • irrigation monitoring
  • land cover change detection
  • coastal monitoring


Aerial Vegeatition

Main technologies used

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