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Facts & Figures

First launched: 2018

Orbit: 500 km

FoV: 23o x 16o

GSD: 70 m

Swath: 200 x 140 km

Active pixels: 3000 x 1850 px

Spectral range: 400 – 1000 nm

Spectral bands: 45

Spectral resolution: 16 nm

SNR: 50-100

Mass: 1.3 kg

Volume: 1.5 L

Power: 10 W

Availability: build to order, 3 months lead time

Price: On request

HyperScout is the first ever miniaturized hyperspectral imager with its own brain. Combining spectral imaging with onboard processing, it is designed to be operated on nano, micro and larger satellites. With the right constellation you can measure what you want, where you want, when you want. Due to rapid price drops and miniaturization of the instruments, HyperScout can be turned into a commercially exploitable platform bringing enterprise solutions to real-time Earth observation. HyperScout will enable countless companies and organizations to use real-time Earth observation data in different applications for their insights and decisions. Applications such as;

  • vegetation monitoring
  • fire hazard monitoring
  • volcano and fire monitoring
  • soil moisture monitoring
  • flooding delineation
  • oil spill detection
  • change detection
  • water quality monitoring
  • cloud detection
  • urban heat island

Image credits: cosine and GomSpace


Main technologies used

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