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Facts & Figures

Client: ESA Human Spaceflight

Mission: promISSe

Year launched: 2012

Tracking angles: 18 degrees

Exposure times: 0.1 to 10 s

Programmable: exposure time sequences and altitude

Mass: 8 kg

Power: 10 W, battery powered

Delivery time: 4 months

Originally developed for the International Space Station (ISS), NightPod is an intelligent tripod head that is used to accurately rotate a SLR camera, potentially with a large tele-objective, to track objects from the ISS Cupola module. Extremely sturdy and user friendly, it can be used to take long exposure photographs or eliminate motion blur under demanding conditions.

It can also be used for accurate tracking of moving objects or stationary objects from a moving platform, such as boats, airplanes, trucks and cars, for applications such as environmental monitoring and surveillance.

Image credits: ESA

NightPod Andre Kuipers
NightPod Andre Kuipers
Cosine | Measurement Systems NightPod Zuid-Holland
NightPod Dubai
NightPod Frankfurt Am Main
NightPod London
NightPod Paris
NightPod Italy

Main technologies used

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