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Facts & Figures

Client: ALGE timing

Partner: Entner Electronics

Delivery time: 18 months

Year launched: 2016

Vertical resolution: up to 2,016 pixels

Scan rate (fps): up to 30,000 frames per second

Recording time: unlimited, depends on PC hardware

Timing: temperature compensated quartz oscillator TCXO, +/-0.06 ppm at 25 °C (0.0002 s/h)

Power supply: PoE+ or 9 – 13.4 VDC

Temperature range: -20 °C bis +50 °C

The photo finish system OPTIc3 takes over the technical market leadership. It has a recording rate of up to 30,000 frames per second (fps) and up to 2,016 vertical pixels. This makes it the perfect timing device for any sport that relies on good photo finish images and accurate results. Features such as 2-D images, auto-focus and automatic iris adjustment make the system easy to use. The camera also has VoIP functionality that allows efficient communication with the starter and the timekeeper.

Image credits: ALGE Timing

OPTIc3 Photo Finish Camera
OPTIc3 Photo Finish Camera
WorldRollerSkating 2017 800x600
2018 Spitzen Leichtathletik Luzern
Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series
FIS SBX World Cup 2019
Imp. Montemor-Canoe Sprint_Session
Schnelle Schwaben Red Bull Ring

Main technologies used

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