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Facts & Figures

Client: Fugro Raildata

Request: Collect imagery of the surroundings of train tracks

Method: RGB hemispherical sensor fusion

Lead time: 3 months

Frame rate: 15 fps

Resolution: 3 x 2048 x 2048 px

Heads: 3

FOV: 2π sr


The imagery from three cameras is fused in order to collect a hemispherical view of the environment around train tracks. An embedded FPGA ensures that the three heads acquire the frames simultaneously, while also ensuring that each head is properly exposed to within a given tolerance to the other heads — think of the sun illuminating from one side more than the other. With the help of a precision IMU and GPS receiver, the frames are timestamped with a 1 microsecond resolution, allowing accurate geolocation even on a fast moving platform such as a train.

Fugro Rail Survey
Fugro Rail Survey

Main technologies used

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