Company profile

cosine - a small company full of brain power


The cosine team is an international team of about 40 people, mostly physicists but also astronomers, chemists, aerospace engineers, computer scientists and technicians, most with an academic degree and many with a PhD. cosine was founded in 1998 and is located in Warmond. A small company full of brain power.

Orthogonal thinking

By thinking of new, clever ways to solve problems, the cosine team has regularly come up with original and highly efficient solutions to a large variety of problems. We use our knowledge in physics, electronics and software to solve problems in an innovative way, rather than with incremental steps.

The fact that the cosine team does not always have specific knowledge of the industrial application they are asked to look at, helps us to not propose a variation on existing solutions, but to offer a truly innovative solution.

Smart solutions

cosine has successfully been involved in finding innovative solutions for technological problems ranging from aerospace technology in service of the European Space Agency to inspection systems for the food industry.

cosine’s clients, industrial and institutional, are not only impressed by the ideas we propose, but also by the short timeframe that we require to turn these ideas into prototypes or products. We can offer you the smartest innovative solution and the fastest road to a working solution.