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cosine and Condi Food develop strain sensor for Shell

Condi Food, a spin-off company from cosine, and cosine previously developed an innovative handheld tag reader to assist Shell with pipe monitoring. They have now released an experimental sensor to measure strain on bent composite pipes.

Following the development of a remote humidity sensor by cosine, Condi has developed together with cosine a second version of the sensor to measure strain in bent composite pipes. The sensors make use of Radio-frequency identification (RIFD) technology. This was instrumental in helping Shell monitor the health of their composite materials and mitigate potential damage risks.

The tag reader that has been developed for the reading of the humidity sensors has now been updated for the measurement of the strain sensors. The reader recognizes the type of RIFD tag and displays the appropriate values.

“We developed a second version of the tag. We built and developed a strain sensor, and the idea is that you laminate that into the outer lining of the composite pipe. With the handheld reader you’ll be able to measure the strain on the pipe. The first tag reader was measuring humidity and temperature, and we added new functionality. With the new tag, you can measure both strain and temperature. We updated the tool so it can read both tags and it shows on the screen which one you are reading,” commented Jacques van Munster van Heuven, Condi Food’s Managing Director.

Following the delivery of the new sensors and the updated handheld tag reader, Shell will proceed with a testing phase.

About the handheld tag reader
The handheld tag reader, in combination with wireless and battery-less sensors, offers a unique tool to measure water content and humidity using RFID technology. By embedding the sensors into the walls of composite pipes, the handheld tag reader can accurately collect crucial data, including humidity, temperature, and unique tag IDs. The new version now includes the ability to measure strain, providing a comprehensive tool for monitoring the health of pipe systems.

About cosine and condi
cosine is a leading worldwide company in the development of space instrumentation, such as Silicon Pore Optics for astronomy and remote sensing solutions with onboard analytics for Earth Observation and planetary science. cosine combines physics and technology to bring out-of-the-box solutions to its clients. cosine has been developing and delivering innovative measurement systems for space and industrial applications since 1998. The company operates 1,300 m² of cleanrooms and high-tech assembly facilities to build and test the systems it produces for its customers at its headquarters in Sassenheim, The Netherlands.

cosine spin-off Condi Food is specialized in hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and remote sensing solutions for food quality and safety inspection.

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