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cosine cleanroom expansion for mass production capabilities for Athena, HyperScout and other activities (video)

cosine is currently building new cleanrooms at our headquarters in Sassenheim, The Netherlands which will increase our cleanroom capacity from 1000 m2 to 1300 m2. This is done in preparation for the mass production phase of Silicon Pore Optics (SPO) for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Athena mission, as well as for remote sensing instruments and other activities.

Our company already operates over 1000 m2 of ISO 7 to ISO 5 cleanrooms and advanced assembly facilities dedicated to building and testing systems for space and industrial clients. This expansion will increase cosine’s cleanroom capacity to 1300 m2 and also create room for customers requiring our expertise regarding development, production, testing and qualification of measurement systems.

cosine has several locations across Europe, notably in Berlin, Germany, and in Benevento, Italy, all of which are scheduled for expansion. We are currently working on our Dutch facilities, where our staff handles a large part of the development and production of our innovative systems.

This cleanroom expansion will ensure the continued development of the SPO technology for the Athena mission. It will facilitate the consolidation of all steps in the SPO production process and enable the exploration and testing of various process additions that may significantly improve the optics performance. In parallel, it will also facilitate the production of multiple HyperScout instruments and other remote sensing systems that cosine develops for its customers.

Available in-house capabilities
Our development facilities feature optical and electronic integration spaces for the development of measurement systems like hyperspectral, thermal, and altimetric instruments. Significant optical table space allows concurrent development of various setups and technologies. Based on a specification of the measurement problem, cosine develops a measurement method specifically for your needs and demonstrates the solution in a laboratory setup.

In cosine’s cleanrooms, we develop quality control techniques such as fringe reflection, interferometric analysis, and laser scanning. Unique, in-house designed robotic arms handle stacking, inspection, and integration.

The testing and qualification facilities assess optical, opto-electronic, and electronic (sub)systems under various conditions, such as testing of high-power lasers, under vacuum, at lowered or elevated temperatures, and if necessary in a cleanroom environment. This ensures the equipment meets space and extreme environmental standards.

cosine builds measurement systems according to customers’ requirements, including hardware and software. Our measurement systems are fully documented and delivered including instructions.

For inquiries about our facilities, please contact us.

About cosine
cosine is a leading worldwide company in the development of space instrumentation, such as Silicon Pore Optics for astronomy and remote sensing solutions with onboard analytics. We combine physics and technology to bring out-of-the-box solutions to our clients. We have been developing and delivering innovative measurement systems for space and industrial applications since 1998.

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