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cosine delivers SPO prototypes for testing

cosine has just delivered several Silicon Pore Optics (SPO) x-ray lenses to the PANTER facility of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE) in Munich.

PANTER and the European Space Agency (ESA) will use the modules for testing the thermal behavior of the 2.5 m diameter optics structure demonstrator MAMD (Mirror Assembly Module Demonstrator). This set includes three prototype modules with a geometry as defined for the Athena optics, featuring a 2.4 mm rib spacing and a 0.11 mm thin mirror membrane.

The images show three SPO mirror modules with the new 2.37 mm rib spacing and thin membrane as defined in the Athena design, mounted in a structure before being tested in the PANTER test facility of MPE.

SPO modules at MPE
credits: MPE

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