cosine: HyperScout 1 – first light!

Yesterday we received the first image taken by HyperScout! We now have confirmation that HyperScout survived the launch and the core systems are in working order. We are analyzing the first data and expect to share the image soon. More data will follow in the course of the next weeks, during the calibration and operational phases.

cosine is currently defining the mission operations for HyperScout, which include the flight plan and the selection of ground locations for imaging. Execution files are provided to our partner GomSpace and uploaded to HyperScout. GomSpace, based in Aalborg, Denmark, coordinates and executes the operation of the satellite through their communication systems.

Marco Esposito, remote sensing business unit manager and HyperScout product manager, comments: ”We are very pleased with the first results. The quality of the image is good and the response of the system is according to our expectations. The communication with HyperScout works and the telemetry – information about the system – looks perfect.”

The commissioning phase continues… More information will follow!

Click here for more information on HyperScout.