cosine HyperScout featured by ESA

As the projected launch date of HyperScout, now scheduled for 2 February 2018, approaches, ESA posted an article on HyperScout on their website. In this article, Marco Esposito, cosine’s remote sensing business unit manager, is quoted as follows:

“HyperScout is a unique combination of hardware and software. Bigger instruments can make more precise measurements of different components of ecosystems, but require years of development. Mass produced, this compact instrument could instead be flown as a secondary payload on numerous missions, potentially to be used as an early warning viewfinder – providing realtime alerts of changes on the ground to cue up larger instruments for detailed follow-up observations.”

In response to this article, Marco Esposito comments: “We are very pleased with this article and very excited about the upcoming flight of HyperScout.”

Click here to read the full text of the ESA article on HyperScout.