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Overview of HyperScout news coverage during the first week of February 2018:

Links to radio interviews about HyperScout:
2 February 2018, BNR, radio interview Marco Beijersbergen, starting around 6:50, from minute 4:30
2 February 2018, Radio 1, radio interview Marco Beijersbergen, segment 8:00-9:00, starting around 8:50, from minute 52:10
2 February 2018, Radio 2, radio interview Marco Beijersbergen, starting around 12:15, from minute 0:00
6 February 2018, Bollenstreek Omroep, radio interview Karin Liang, segment 18:00-19:00, starting around 18:10, from minute 8:40

Links to news items about HyperScout:
Bollenstreek Omroep
Dutch Cowboys
China Great Wall Industry Corporation
Engineers Online
European Space Agency
GB Times
De Ingenieur
Leidsch Dagblad
NASA Spaceflight
Nederlands Dagblad
Satellite Today
Netherlands Space Office
Spaceflight Now
De Teyding
Unity: ready for launch
Unity: launch successful

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