cosine: first contact with first HyperScout!

cosine’s HyperScout was launched today at 8:51 CET, from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China. The launch vehicle Long March 2D lifted off on schedule. Minutes later, the satellites were separated from the launch vehicle. Approximately 6 hours later, first contact was established by GomSpace in Aalborg, Denmark.

This unique space technology is now commercially available. The current delivery time for HyperScout is three months. cosine will continue to work on further refining and customizing the software for the next 6 months. Due to the unique capability of HyperScout to upload application software to geophysical parameters, cosine will be able to perform software updates while HyperScout is in space. This presents an excellent opportunity to customize the software to the specific needs of our clients.

Launch photo: credits CGWIC
Launch video: Long March 2D launch