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cosine to present at ARD2020: structural constellations

cosine Remote Sensing is sponsoring and contributing to ARD2020, an annual event which will take place on 2-6 November. Analysis-Ready Data (ARD) is an expert event which aims to advance interoperability and collaboration in the Earth observation and remote sensing industry. Working on harmonizing the format of Analysis-Ready Data will further standardize the interface between data providers and value adders, resulting in more global use cases.

cosine also contributed to ARD2018 in Menlo Park, CA at the USGS Campus. In that event cosine presented the HyperScout 1 flight status and related plans for the future. The 2020 theme is structural constellations, the emerging datasets and related processing to make commercial constellations interoperable in order to enhance Earth observation. cosine will present the flight status of HyperScout 2, the first ever hyperspectral-thermal camera with artificial intelligence, and on how to use different HyperScout sensors in orbit to enable improved time resolution spectral imaging applications.

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