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cosine presents imaging technology at NAK Tuinbouw symposium

Prof. Dr Marco Beijersbergen, cosine founder and managing director, presented during NAK Tuinbouw’s second online symposium on 11 November.

NAK Tuinbouw (the Netherlands Inspection Service for Horticulture) monitors the quality of products, processes and production within the horticultural sector. This symposium provided a virtual opportunity to bring farmers and scientists together to discuss how new imaging and image processing technologies can improve quality. Seven speakers, ranging from physicists to researchers, presented information on new developments in detection from a distance (remote sensing) within horticultural production.

“cosine presented on NAK Tuinbouw’s symposium theme of detecting things from a distance, such as viruses and fungi within horticultural products,” Prof. Dr Beijersbergen said. “cosine has unique expertise in developing technology that allows us to make things that are otherwise invisible visible to the human eye. Using visible and hyperspectral imaging is one thing – but I gave a few innovative options we have available, such as using UV fluorescence to evaluate the severity of fungi infection on roses,” he said.

The symposium offered a virtual opportunity for scientists, researchers, farmers, and members of the horticultural industry to come together to explore new developments in the field.

“We have the methods. All the equipment is available. The understanding is there. This symposium allowed us the opportunity to offer innovative ideas on how our unique technology could be optimized for their specific business needs,” Prof. Dr Beijersbergen said.

For more information on how cosine can apply our innovative solutions to make a measurable difference in your business, contact us to arrange a brainstorming session.

UV fluorescence can detect fungi infection in roses (source: cosine)

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