cosine: launch of first HyperScout successful!
maiden space flight of first miniaturized hyperspectral camera

This morning, at 8:51 CET, HyperScout was successfully launched into space, from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China. Minutes later, the satellites were separated from the launch vehicle, Long March 2D. HyperScout is the first miniaturized hyperspectral camera.

HyperScout is aboard the European Space Agency’s GomX-4B nanosatellite, in orbit at an altitude of 503 km. First contact was established after the second high elevation pass over GomSpace in Aalborg, Denmark, at 15:03 CET today.

HyperScout is based on a long line of development led by cosine. The project to develop, build and launch the first HyperScout was funded by ESA, with support from the Dutch, Belgian and Norwegian national space organizations: Netherlands Space Office, BELSPO and Norsk Romsenter. cosine, as the prime contractor, enlisted the help of consortium partners S&T, TU Delft, VDL and VITO.

Clients can now fly their own HyperScout and use it for:
*crop water management
*fire hazard monitoring
*flood detection
*land use: change detection
*vegetation monitoring

HyperScout is designed for large constellations, but can also be used on a single satellite. The more HyperScouts in orbit, the less time in between passes and the more frequent the updates of the targeted area.

During the 6 months following the launch, cosine will work on the calibration of HyperScout, using ground targets with a known response, such as deserts and other landmarks. To this end, airborne flights, with a copy of HyperScout on board, will fly parallel to the HyperScout space orbit, collecting data for cross calibration.

Next steps
This unique space technology is now commercially available. The current delivery time for HyperScout is three months. cosine will continue to work on further refining and customizing the software for the next 6 months. Due to the unique capability of HyperScout to upload application software to geophysical parameters, cosine will be able to perform software updates while HyperScout is in space. This presents an excellent opportunity to customize the software to the specific needs of our clients.