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cosine workshop on Earth observation applications for Kanyini end users

cosine is giving a workshop on Earth observation applications of HyperScout 2 for Kanyini end users on 2 March in Adelaide, South Australia. This workshop is organized by SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre and precedes the 13th Australian Space Forum.

The aim of the workshop is for SmartSat and cosine to brief end users on the Kanyini mission and potential application areas. This will be followed by discussions with end users to identify their high priority needs.

Kanyini is a high-profile Australian CubeSat mission that will support the research into crop health, forests, inland water and coasts, and will provide vital information on heat generators in South Australia. cosine will supply a HyperScout 2 instrument to the Kanyini mission and support Australian parties in using it for their applications.

cosine has expertise in developing miniaturized, intelligent optical instruments for space that include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and application knowledge gained by working with end users on optimizing the instruments and data processing for several applications.

HyperScout 2 is the first hyperspectral-thermal camera with AI. This advanced remote sensing system has two unique aspects. Firstly, it is equipped with both a spectral channel operating at visible wavelengths, as well as a multispectral channel operating in the thermal infrared. Secondly, it incorporates an ultra-low-power artificial intelligence accelerator to perform processing tasks that were previously only possible on the ground.

Alice Mulga, Australia, hyperspectral image acquired by HyperScout 2 (source: cosine)

The following topics will be discussed during the workshop:

  • How HyperScout 2 can be used as in-orbit test-bed and to perform hands-on investigations to forecast the benefits of combining frequent measurements in the VNIR and TIR from nanosatellites, with less frequent but very accurate measurements performed by institutional satellites.
  • The HyperScout 2 app-like upload environment that allows the user to deploy new algorithms and run them in orbit for demonstration as well as for operations.
  • How HyperScout 2 enables experimental programs to investigate the use of AI for a variety of applications in the field of object detection and data inference.
  • The different levels of processing and data manipulation on board to provide the most effective flexibility, either by applying full processing or by selecting sub-spatial or sub-spectral regions from the data stored on the large HyperScout mass memory unit.
  • The applications that can be exploited with the use of HyperScout 2, leveraging the combination of spectral reflectance and thermal emissions measured at the same time through one single optic.

To learn more about the innovative capabilities of HyperScout and its applications, register for our workshop by 23 February. We also look forward to meeting you at our booth at the 13th Australian Space Forum on 3 March.

You are welcome to contact us anytime to learn more about cosine’s HyperScout product line and to find out how HyperScout can contribute to your applications.

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