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ESA Team Achievement Award 2022 for cosine HyperScout 2

The Earth Observation project Phi-Sat-1, in which a new version of cosine’s HyperScout instrument including on-board artificial intelligence hardware was developed and demonstrated in orbit, received the Team Achievement Award 2022 from ESA. cosine led the first ESA mission that demonstrates that in a very short time you can develop, launch and operate a serious Earth Observation system that is able to perform artificial intelligence in orbit, resulting in the addition of on-board artificial intelligence to the HyperScout product line.

Managing director of cosine Remote Sensing and Phi-Sat-1 project manager Dr Marco Esposito: “We are very proud to receive this award. This is a recognition of the excellence of HyperScout and our work on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in miniaturized instruments in space, in collaboration with our industry partners. It underlines cosine’s mission: To be the best company in the world that combines physics and technology to bring new measurement solutions to our clients.”

The first HyperScout 2 instrument was launched with an integrated artificial intelligence accelerator in 2020, on board a satellite built by Tyvak International. Our remote sensing team was then able to run the first AI experiments for cloud masking, which was a significant milestone for cosine and the European Space Agency. It showed the community that disruptive innovation in space and fast deployment without spending too much time on the ground can be done.

HyperScout is cosine’s product line of miniaturized spectral imaging instruments for space. These hyperspectral cameras, made to fit satellites the size of a shoe-box, can record images of what happens on Earth in many more colors than the human eye can distinguish, at visible as well as infrared wavelengths. Our HyperScout product line currently includes HyperScout 1, HyperScout 2, HyperScout M, HyperScout S and HyperScout H. cosine is uniquely positioned to deliver hyperspectral instruments that suit your needs in a very short amount of time.

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