Dr Giuseppe Vacanti

program manager


If you had asked Giuseppe, back in 1987, where he would be today, the Netherlands would not have made his top 10 list. Fresh from the University of Milan with a Laurea in physics he headed to Tucson, Arizona, where he spent three years working as an astronomer in the pioneering Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory gamma-ray group. After four years in Paris (Service d’Astrophysique and École Politechnique) straddling the boundaries between physics and astrophysics, and having been awarded a PhD in astrophysics (1993) he reached The Netherlands in 1994.

Here Giuseppe worked as calibration scientist and scientific software programmer on the X-ray missions Beppo SAX and XMM-Newton, before joining cosine in 2000. At cosine he continues working on any project that has to do with data analysis, modelling, simulations, and software. His extensive knowledge of physics and computing and his broad experience with project management, have made Giuseppe one of the most senior members of the cosine team.


  • Email: g.vacanti@cosine.nl
  • Phone: +31 71 5284962