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HyperScout at the center of international partnership between top-notch Earth Observation research organizations

SmartSat CRC, a consortium of industry and research organizations in Australia, partner of cosine, recently signed a renewed agreement with the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Φ-lab in July 2023 for collaborative Earth Observation (EO) research. This commitment builds upon the success of the Φ-sat-1 ESA mission led by cosine and the integration of intelligent spectral imager HyperScout 2 into the Kanyini satellite. The Kanyini mission is the first South Australian Government Funded Space Services Mission led by SmartSat CRC. This ongoing partnership represents a key opportunity to leverage and boost the hyperspectral product line capabilities developed by cosine in collaboration with ESA.

The ESA Φ-sat-1 mission, led by cosine, marked a historic milestone as the first official attempt to successfully run an Artificial Intelligence (AI) deep convolutional NN (CNN) directly inferencing on a dedicated accelerator on-board a satellite. This breakthrough opened doors to a new era of discovery and commercial applications propelled by the deployment of on-board AI. This mission demonstrated the potential of AI as a reliable and accurate tool for cloud detection on-board a hyperspectral imaging mission.

The integration of HyperScout 2 into the South Australian Kanyini satellite further demonstrates that cosine is working at the forefront of remote sensing technology, and the partnership between SmartSat CRC and the Φ-lab allows the technology to be further harnessed to its maximum capacity.

Dr Marco Esposito, cosine Remote Sensing Managing Director, commented: “we are delighted to see our hyperspectral and thermal imager, powered with AI technology, at the center of an international collaboration of this caliber. It represents a magnificent opportunity to see our disruptive technology making the next step forward towards the use of onboard intelligence for operational EO applications.”

Kanyini mission
The Kanyini mission is the first South Australian government funded space services mission. Dr Carl Seubert, Chief Research Officer at SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), commented: “Kanyini aims to demonstrate early smoke detection using AI processing on hyperspectral images where you use the spectral bands to differentiate early smoke compared to other signals that might look similar – like clouds, fog or mist.”

HyperScout 2
Hyperscout 2 is a three-in-one instrument that combines hyperspectral and thermal imaging with high-level data processing and AI capabilities. It provides hyperspectral imaging in the visible and near infrared to analyze the composition of the Earth’s surface, along with three thermal infrared bands to retrieve the temperature distribution, boosting and improving the number of Earth Observation applications cosine’s customers can benefit from.

HyperScout 2 is integrated into the SmartSat-led South Australian Kanyini satellite. The advanced instrument was selected as the core of the remote sensing capabilities for the top-level Australian satellite mission Kanyini.

The HyperScout line of instruments is developed by cosine and partners with support from the European Space Agency and the Netherlands Space Office.

About cosine
cosine is a leading worldwide company in the development of space instrumentation, such as Silicon Pore Optics for astronomy and remote sensing solutions with onboard analytics. We combine physics and technology to bring out-of-the-box solutions to our clients. We have been developing and delivering innovative measurement systems for space and industrial applications since 1998. Our company operates 1,000 m2 of cleanrooms and high-tech assembly facilities to build and test the systems we produce for customers at our headquarters in Sassenheim, The Netherlands.

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