Dr Marco Esposito

program manager remote sensing instruments

Marco Esposito

Marco Esposito is program manager Remote Sensing Instruments at cosine. He got his PhD in Aerospace Engineering at the prestigious University of Naples “Federico II”. He joined cosine in 2007 after years spent in the aerospace field. Marco’s history is characterized with experiences ranging from airborne to spaceborne applications and he has been principal investigator for several European research projects. He is currently chapter leader for a high level text book for airborne measurements and leader of the expert working group for turbulence measurements in the EUFAR consortium. He has managed the development of the ERB-2 stereoscopic camera to make 3D movies inside the International Space Station (ISS), and the NightPod system for making photographs of the night side of the earth from within the ISS, both in use in the ISS.

Marco loves to find out innovative solutions for remote sensing and in-situ measurements starting from the customers needs. Marco is a very open-minded person with good problem solving skills. He is able to translate your idea into a nice, small and smart instrument, whether used onboard an aircraft or on a satellite. Do not hesitate to contact him to discuss your remote sensing requirements.

Marco welcomes your call in Italian or English


  • Email: m.esposito@cosine.nl
  • Phone: +31 71 5241842