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cosine has an extensive track record in the space market. cosine is renowned for the excellent development projects it performs for the European Space Agency. cosine proves that also for space applications new measurement systems can be developed, built and qualified in short periods of time and consequently moderate budgets.

cosine achieves this with a non-traditional approach, with a small, integrated team, focus on the important issues, transparency, and integration and miniaturisation from the beginning. For example, NightPod, the latest camera system for night-time photography that was launched to the International Space Station, was developed, built and qualified by cosine and its suppliers in less than 5 months.

Applicable products

Silicon Pore Optics
Infrared hyperspectral imager
High-energy optics simulation
Radiation detector
Remote Sensing Simulator
Stereo imaging laser altimeter
Highly integrated broadband imaging spectrometer

Related technologies

X-ray optics
Scientific software
Remote sensing
Ionizing radiation
Image analysis
3D imaging
Embedded data processing

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