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During a (half)day workshop at cosine or your location we discuss your business and measurement challenges. Together we brainstorm on ideas and directions for technical solutions, making some firm steps forward! We offer a workshop starting at €815 excl VAT. Interested in discussing the possibilities?


In an assessment study we analyze the customer challenge, requirements, playing field and technical options, with desk research and expert interviews. We look for pre-existing products or solutions, also in other sectors. We define concepts and validate their value in a trade-off. An assessment ranges from €6.000 to €27.900 excl VAT.


In the feasibility phase the critical enablers of the proposed technical concept will be validated by developing, building and testing a proof-of-concept in our labs. Ideally based on representative samples that can be provided by the customer. In most cases a feasibility study can be completed within two to six months.


In the product phase we build and deliver one or more product(s) at several Technical Readiness Levels. From breadboards and models to validating the concept in lab environments, to prototypes and full custom measurement systems for field use (MCF) which can be used in full operation.

Scale up

In the scale up phase we develop, engineer, test and qualify the product for industrial series production in close cooperation with production and commercial partners as needed or support our clients in realizing in-house series production.