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Data processing and storage

Measurement systems are useless without proper analysis of the data. This requires several steps, ranging from converting the low-level data into computer processable data, using the calibration information to convert the data into calibrated physical quantities, and analysing these data so that they provide information to the user and can be interpreted.

cosine has extensive experience in developing, if necessary in close collaboration with the customer, data processing software. This ranges from low-level embedded software to top-level visualisation and control software. cosine has done this ranging from single person projects to managing large teams of tens of developers.

Advanced measurement systems can generate large amounts of data. An important aspect is the storage of these data in a structured, standardized way that allow for easy retrieval now and in the future. Given the large amounts of data and different levels of processing, it is important to discriminate between different types of data and adjust the storage strategy accordingly. cosine has successfully implemented several storage systems for measurement data and can help you implement your.

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