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Image analysis is the extraction of information from digital images through the application of digital image processing techniques. Computers are indispensable for the fast analysis of large amounts of data with complex algorithms. Still, when thinking about an image analysis problem for the first time, we are immediately confronted with the dichotomy between the ease with which the human brain can identify and recognize shapes, and the difficulty of devising an algorithm able to reliably perform even the most basic geometrical shapes.

This is of course a testament to that fantastic pattern recognition machine that is the human brain, and it immediately elucidates how in order to identify complex patterns a lot of contextual information may be required, which may make the development of effective algorithms a challenge.

Image analysis techniques find application in a wide range of sectors, from medicine to astronomy, from remote sensing to microscopy and automatic metrology. cosine has the right people with the right skills set to solve image analysis problems, and it can develop custom image analysis solutions, either as a stand-alone software solution, or integrated in a measurement system.

cosine is Certified Integration Partner of MVTec Software GmbH, offering excellent image analysis systems based on the state-of-the-art Halcon image analysis software.

cosine is Certified Integration Partner of Data Vision, offering advanced imaging solutions based on Data Vision products.

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