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Throughout cosine’s history, outstanding expertise has been built up in optical design. Beyond pure optical design we always strive for an integral approach to instrument design. These instruments cover various areas of application such as telescopes, cameras, laser transmitter and receiver objectives, interferometric devices, spectrometers and lasers.


cosine employs state-of-the-art commercially available optical design software in combination with software developed in-house. This enables us to optimize your optical systems using all commonly accepted theories of light. To create complete optomechanical designs, cosine regularly teams up with external suppliers or uses in-house resources. Our experts in optics, electrical and computational engineering work together on developing your instrument design up to the prototype. Performance modelling can be carried out on system level (thermal analysis, signal-to-noise calculations).


optimal facilities

In cosine’s optical cleanrooms various optical metrologies, instrument breadboarding, performance and calibration tests are carried out. In addition, the thermal vacuum chamber in the cosine lab can study the behavior of your instruments or components at more unusual environmental conditions: the temperature can be varied from liquid nitrogen temperature up to high temperatures of 200°C and more. If required, the cleanrooms can also be used to perform optical laboratory related studies for you.

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