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Thinking inside the box…

This is the title of the speech that Dr Marco Esposito from cosine will give as invited speaker on the opening day of the Small Satellite Systems and Services (4S) symposium in Vilamoura, Portugal. The box in the title of this newsitem refers to HyperScout, the one liter hyperspectral imager developed by cosine, enabling space missions for customers around the world.

The topic of the 2022 4S symposium is: “Information made in space”. cosine has the honor to report on ongoing HyperScout missions, focusing on the state of affairs regarding information retrieved in orbit and the onboard processing of data. We will also shed light on future missions for which flight hardware is ready to be launched into space. The potential of connecting hyperspectral and thermal imaging, onboard processing and artificial intelligence in space will be the driver of the speech, as well as the heritage built after years of development and in-flight experience.

cosine will be present during the 2022 4S symposium at booth 43 where you can see the actual hardware that you can use to take your Earth observation or Planetary science mission to the next level.

Dr Marco Esposito and Prof. Dr Marco Beijersbergen, managing directors of cosine, will be present to answer any questions you may have.

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